Top 15 Best Oil Brushes for Procreate

Top 15 Best Oil Brushes for Procreate

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Since the 15th century, artists have been using oil paint as a medium to bring their imaginations to life.

These days, the medium is still viewed by many as an important art form. The downside is that oil paint can take some time to dry, so with the advent and improvements in technology, artists can now use their Procreate app to create masterpieces with “digital” oil paint.

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That gave us the idea to take a closer look at the offerings that are out there for those who prefer to use oil paints and highlight some of the best Procreate oil brushes available. So if you’re ready, grab your brush (stylus), and let’s start painting.

Top 15 Best Oil Brushes for Procreate – Free & Premium

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Best Oil Brushes for Procreate

The Complete Procreate Brush Collection$397  $197

Procreate Bundle

Get every set of brushes RetroSupply has ever made for Procreate and save over $200!

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You’ll enjoy hundreds of custom-made retro brushes including:

  • Inking brushes
  • Comic book brushes
  • Halftone brushes
  • Texture brushes
  • Oil & Gouache paint brushes
  • Hundreds more professional-grade brushes

Each brush kit has been optimized for iPad Pro and takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity.

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Oil on Canvas for Procreate – $16 (Editor’s Choice)

Oil on Canvas for Procreate

Created by Uproot Brushes, the Oil on Canvas for Procreate brush kit gives you the ability to paint amazingly realistic oil paintings using Procreate by making it super easy to obtain a gorgeous texture that all oil painting have but also be able to keep the look of a wet media brush. Included in the set is a pack of five separate brushes. The first consists of intuitive oil brushes in an untextured form, the other fours sets contain the same brushes but they’re designed to be a perfect pair with their respective canvas textures that are also provided in the form of a Canvas texture brush that gives you the option to work on any size or ratio format you choose and maintain texture consistency throughout your artwork.


Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Oil Brushes

Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Oil Brushes

Aptly called The Ultimate Oil Brush Toolbox, this set packs 40 oil brushes, each designed to provide the distinct oil brush aesthetic. Crafted from real oil paint samples, this set is as stunning as stunning gets. Also compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Photo, there’s a lot artists can draw and complete with this find.


Oil Pastels for Procreate – $5

Oil Pastels for Procreate

Created by BrushUp, the Oil Pastels for Procreate brush kit are some of the most realistic pastel brushes you will find on the Procreate app. Containing three incredibly realistic oil pastel brushes, each one also includes a built-in smudge feature, meaning that you don’t have to switch back and forth. The kit even comes with a paperclip eraser that lets you carve out neat patterns into your artwork. To control the load of the pastel, you can easily use pressure and also use longer strokes to create smudged, softer effects with realistic textures.


Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set – $9

Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set

With the Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set from Artwork by Gabrielle, you can enjoy custom oil paintbrushes on the Procreate app. The set will help you create masterpieces in oil paint using custom brushes and canvas textures. Included in the set are 16 custom oil paint brushes, two smudge brushes, and 17 canvas textures. With these brushes and textures, the creativity can flow from your hand to the screen to create incredible oil paint creations.

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Oil Paint Brush & Stamp Set – $13

Oil Paint Brush & Stamp Set

Created by Sketchwerx, the Oil Paint Brush & Stamp Set is filled with everything you need to create beautiful oil paintings on your iPad, and you get to keep your hands clean as well. With the array of different brushes and stamps in the set, you can create as many art projects, portraits, or abstract art as your imagination will allow. The set includes 10 oil brushes, 5 splatter stamps, and 1 canvas texture, all designed to help you create oil art so realistic on your iPad, many people won’t believe you did it digitally.


Procreate Paint Brushes – $8

Procreate Paint Brushes

Created by MiksKS, the Procreate Paint Brushes kit collects 24 paintbrushes in such mediums as gouache, oil, and acrylic paint for your Procreate app. These brushes can help you create rich textures as well as interesting effects when they are mixed which is based on the wet paint feature that newer versions of Procreate come with. The set also includes a sheet of swatches so you can see how a brush will work before you even choose it.


Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate – $18

Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate

With a total of 52 oil paint brushes at your disposal, the Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate kit provides you with great tools that any digital painter or illustrator can use. Create by Guerillacraft, the brushes give you the ability to create playful images with many different brush strokes. These brushes are rich in texture, meaning that you can get that natural look on digital paintings easily. Containing realistic textures in every brushstroke, each stroke is made from various materials including rough linen canvas, impasto paint strokes to subtle smooth oil paint. Along with the 52 incredible brushes, the kit also comes with a cheat sheet to help you find your favorite brush quickly and easily.


Oil Paint Brush Set – $5

Oil Paint Brush Set

A fun set for Procreate, the Oil Paint Brush Set from Seamless Team has created a fun brush set for your Procreate app that you can use right away. Containing 14 pressure-sensitive brushes, the brushes in the kit come in a variety of brush styles to give you more and more ways to give your artwork an oil/wet paint look. As a bonus, Seamless Team has included a 3000x3000pc painter canvas that can help bring your artwork to the next level.


Procreate Oil Brush Set + Texture – $14

Procreate Oil Brush Set + Texture

Created by SEE SEE out of a love for painting using oil paint as a medium and for Procreate, the designer combined their two loves into the Procreate Oil Brush Set + Texture kit. An excellent option to create replica oil paintings digitally on the app. While using real oils on a real canvas is the preferred option, you aren’t always able to do so and that’s what makes this kit so wonderful. With 10 brushes that help to block in colors and details in your artwork, plus brushes that give the illusion that each brushstroke comes along with the texture of the bristles, something that can get lost on a digital platform. Last but not least, the designer has included a canvas texture image that you can lay over your final work so you can emulate the look of an actual oil painting.


Procreate Oil Brushes – $6

Procreate Oil Brushes

Extremebrushes is proud to introduce you to Procreate Oil Brushes, a collection of 10 incredible brushes that you can use to create beautiful oil paintings on your Procreate app. Each brush is a brand new creation never before included with other brush packs, giving you access to something unique every time you use it.


Oils Brush Pack for Procreate – $15


The Oils Brush Pack for Procreate from Razum_Inc provides you with 22 new brushes that you can use to bring life to your still images as well as use for concept art and illustrations. As a bonus, the pack comes with 7 seamless paper textures that you can use to get the best experience creating artwork with digital oil paint on your iPad. The pack has also been recently updated to include an additional 16 brushes you can use to create even more incredible artwork.


Real Oils for Procreate – $9

Real Oils for Procreate

Designed by BrushUp, the Real Oils for Procreate kit is one of the most realistic oil paint collections that you will find for your Procreate app. Loaded with 18 incredibly realistic brushes that you can use for oil painting which have been fully optimized for tilt and pressure sensitivity. Perfect for creating oil paintings and illustrations that have a smooth and glossy look, the brushes included in the kit have been designed to make blending strokes to create smooth transitions incredibly easy while still keeping the high-quality canvas and oil texture.


Sargent’s Oils – Procreate Brushes – $6

Sargent’s Oils – Procreate Brushes

Created by Sadie Lew, the Sargent’s Oils – Procreate Brushes set is a tribute of sorts to John Singer Sargeant, a master Realist painter from the Impressionist era, and the brushes contained in this kit have helped the designer and can help you achieve the same look. With 12 custom brushes, each of which comes with realistic brush shapes as well as a seamless fabric canvas texture. Created using actual paint brushes, every brush features the same fabric canvas texture to be consistent throughout.


Procreate Best Oil Brushes Vol 1.0 – $4

Procreate Best Oil Brushes Vol 1.0!

With their selection of eight oil brushes including X Oil Soft and X Dry Oil, the Procreate Best Oil Brushes Vol 1.0 from Extreme Brushes offers artists incredible tools that you can use on the Procreate app on your iPad. While it doesn’t contain as many brushes as some other kits on our list, the selections that the designer has chosen to include in this first pack of many will be able to give you the feeling of using real oil brushes with every stroke.


Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate – $10

Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate

Created by Seamless Team, the Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate set provides you with that classical oil pastel feel and texture that can remind many of their childhoods. Great for illustrators and sketching, the 16 brushes that come in the kit include options such as a standard pastel brush, a soft pastel brush, and more. With all of the different pastels available in the Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate kit, you won’t run out of ways to bring your imagination to life.


Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil – $10

Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil

With 20 brushes that you can use to simulate oil painting, the Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil from Eliza Moreno Illustration can help you turn your iPad into a canvas and help you create incredible artwork. This kit is a great option for anyone who loves using traditional techniques. Along with the 20 digital oil brushes, the kit also comes with 2 canvas style textures to help seal in that traditional look.


Gouache Set – $12

 Gouache Set

Gouache set comes with 37 custom brushes. The brushes are handmade with gouache and come scanned in high resolution for an authentic look to achieve perfect brush strokes.  The brush set varies from dense opaque brush to watery brush and everything in between. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are oil brushes in Procreate?

Guerillacraft created the oil paint brush for Procreate. With the different oil brush strokes, you have the ability to create playful images. The oil brushes in procreate give you a natural look on digital paintings.

What is the best oil brush for Procreate?

Oil on Canvas for Procreate is the best oil brush. Uproot created the brush which lets you draw realistic oil paintings. The set comes with five different brushes.

Is there any oil brush that brings the nostalgic vibe?

Oil pastel brush set for procreate gives you the classical oil pastel feel and texture that brings nostalgia.

What is the best oil brush that creates an artwork feel?

Traditional colors terracotta comes with two canvas style brushes that give a traditional look to your design.

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Best Oil Brushes for Procreate

Choosing the right oil brushes can make every aspect of your artwork sing and with the list of the best oil brushes for Procreate that we’ve compiled here, we feel as though you can take any of these brushes and create the best art you’ve ever done.

While it may seem daunting to work with oil paints, digitally making use of oil paints makes a lot more sense. Oil paints are typically expensive, making use of some of the best oil brushes for Procreate is an easy workaround.

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