20+ Best 70s Fonts for Groovy Designs

20+ Best 70s Fonts for Groovy Designs

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Are you in the market for the best 70s fonts? If so, look no further!

The best 1970s fonts were a great tool for designers and because of this, the 70s era remains to be one of the most definitive moments in all of the pop culture and, as a result, the creative space, as well.

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Despite how much time has passed, you can bet that artists from all respects are bound to pay homage to a time that helped us realize the kind of creativity we’re allowed to foster today.

From vintage elements to the innate curves the 70s gave us, there is so much to celebrate!

That said, let’s take a look at all the best 70s fonts available online today!

20+ Best 70s Fonts for Groovy Designs

  1. Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font
  2. Long Summer
  3. Funkies Bold Script Font
  4. Boldie Slab Typeface
  5. Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font
  6. Laguna Vintage Collection
  7. Recoleta
  8. Frito Vandito
  9. assox typeface
  10. Janger – Display Font
  11. Dorris – Swirly Font Family
  12. Groovy – Retro Font
  13. Nighty – Vintage Serif Typeface
  14. Bright – Modern Retro Typeface
  15. Retrohols – Retro Condensed Font
  16. Ramdone – Retro Script
  17. Hulberk – a Nostalgic Slab Serif
  18. Tonight Show
  19. Superb
  20. Saturday Night Font Family
  21. Rambors
  22. Wicked Mouse
  23. Righton
  24. Losta Masta
  25. Hornbill
  26. Vintage King

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20+ Best 1970s Fonts for Groovy Designs

1. Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

Summer 0f 76 - Multi-Line Font
Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

There’s something about multi-layered lines that demand your attention and Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font is proof of that. Suitable for party-themed marketing materials, there’s a lot you can play with using this set of 70s fonts. Funky, fresh, and unmistakably retro, what’s not to like?

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2. Long Summer

Long Summer
Long Summer. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Another stunning retro option on the list is Long Summer. Sporting unique curves and tasteful edges, this pick is a stellar visual solution for branding efforts and more.


3. Funkies Bold Script Font

Funkies Bold Script Font
Funkies Bold Script Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Looking to replicate the 7-s disco energy? If so, then let Funkies Bold Script Font help you complete your mission. Packed with uppercase and lowercase letters, this set also comes with basic punctuation marks and numbers.


4. Boldie Slab Typeface

Boldie Slab Typeface
Boldie Slab Typeface. Image Credit: Envato Elements

One of the things that made the 70s such an iconic era for the arts is because of the rampant slab typefaces that emerged out of advertisements and packaging logos. If this is the route you want to take, try Boldie Slab Typeface.


5. Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font

Kehlin - Vintage Casual Font
Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

The 70s was an awesome time for the art scene mainly because of the many typefaces that were popularized by leading creatives. Take Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font, for example. Reminiscent of old newspapers and vintage designs, this pick can transport any viewer back into the good old days of the 70s font.


6. Laguna Vintage Collection

Laguna Vintage Collection
Laguna Vintage Collection. Image Credit: Creative Market

If you’re looking for a font collection that screams vintage all around, consider Creative Market’s Laguna Vintage Collection. Loaded with a whole lot of diverse fonts and typefaces, you’re sure to find a pack that’ll best communicate the message you want to put out with this 70s font.


7. Recoleta

Recoleta. Image Credit: Creative Market

Another fantastic pack of visual solutions is Recoleta. Loaded with 14 fonts, this conservative-like aesthetic easily reminds us of the text we see in old newspapers and magazines.

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8. Frito Vandito

Frito Vandito
Frito Vandito. Image Credit: Creative Market

Frito Vandito is funky. So if you want to allude to fun times and disco-themed designs, this pack is the way to go!


9. assox typeface

assox typeface
assox typeface. Image Credit: Envato Elements

One of the more unique options on the list is assox typeface. Mostly optimized in brand packages and comic book designs back in the day, there’s a lot to fall in love with here. If you’re looking to create timeless brands that appeal to a variety of audiences, this might just be the 70s font for you.


10. Janger

Janger - Display Font
Janger. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Janger is a trippy display font that’ll make you feel like you just came from a fun night out with friends from the 70s. Featuring uneven lines and curves that follow a pattern, this pick is best used for branding efforts.


11. Dorris

Dorris - Swirly Font Family
The Dorris. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Dorris is another trendy 70s font that makes great use of swirls and curves. Perfect for signages, marketing promos, social media art cards, and more, there are a ton of designs you can complete with this one.


12. Groovy

Groovy - Retro Font
Groovy. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The name of the pack says it all. Groovy is a retro font that’s reminiscent of classic designs and vintage advertising aesthetics.


13. Nighty

Nighty – Vintage Serif Typeface
Nighty. Image Credit: Design Cuts

There is no shortage of vintage serif typefaces in this category and Nighty is a great example. If you’re looking for a funky font that’s both chunky and retro, this pick is for you!


14. Bright

Bright – Modern Retro Typeface
Bright. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Similar to Nighty, Bright is also a retro typeface that makes great use of chunky curves and a thick structure. If you’re looking for a visual solution to support upscale marketing initiatives, this pack is your best bet.


15. Retrohols

Retrohols. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Condensed fonts are making a comeback and Retrohols is a solid example of the re-emergence. Legible, catchy, and unmistakably vintage, there’s a lot you can complete with a pack as classically trendy as this one.


16. Ramdone

Ramdone - Retro Script
Ramdone. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Looking for a retro script? Try Ramdone. Perfect for publications, posters, and party-themed designs, this pick is a crowd favorite for obvious reasons.


17. Hulberk

Hulberk - a Nostalgic Slab Serif
Hulberk. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Hulberk‘s aesthetic makes it immediately nostalgic reminding us of the 70s font style. From the worn-out look to the outlines of each character, this pick is one of the best visual solutions if you’re looking to replicate retro energy for a project.


18. Tonight Show

Tonight Show
Tonight Show. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Game shows were even bigger back in the day, so it should shock no one how Tonight Show easily reminds us of the good old 70s font.


19. Superb

Superb. Image Credit: Creative Market

Is a brush-inspired typeface up your creative alley? If so, Superb is for you. Sporting a cursive aesthetic with chunky structures, this set also comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, on top of basic punctuation marks and digits.


20. Saturday Night Font Family

Saturday Night Font Family
Saturday Night Font Family. Image Credit: Creative Market

If you want to make a captivating retro design, Saturday Night Font Family could help you with that. Featuring exaggerated edges and thick lines, this one is a standout for reasons that no longer need mentioning.

21. Rambors

Rambors. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Rambors is a multiline display font that draws inspiration from the 70s. It is an ideal 70s font for visualizing a futuristic touch. It is a reminiscent typeface perfect for the modern-futuristic design and modern style. 

 You may use it for posters, flyers, motion graphics, headlines, and stickers. This font has a different set of uppercase and lowercase letters and alternate characters which gives you the opportunity to explore the choices you have in design.

22. Wicked Mouse

Wicked Mouse
Wicked Mouse. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Hey, Common Hold on! Wicked Mouse is a fun-filled all-caps font that captures the magic of cartoons from a distant era. It is one of the 70s fonts that reminds you of the Micky mouse style of font. The font set has the basic Latin, extended Latin, punctuation, European accents, and diacritics. The lowercase character of the letters differs in rotation in the regular version. At the same time, these lowercase letters look similar to their uppercase ones in the 3D version of the font. 

Please do check the glyph maps that are included for all the characters. You can make use of this font for children’s books, comic books, and web pages to add a fun element to them.


23. Righton

Righton. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Righton set of fonts features two fonts. They are the perfect combination of script and serif fonts. This 70s font is perfect for headlines, invitations, apparel, branding, packaging, and advertisements. This font typeface comes in uppercase and lowercase letters and features punctuation marks, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternates, and ligatures. The font set also offers multi-lingual support.


24. Losta Masta

Losta Masta
Losta Masta. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Link: https://elements.envato.com/losta-masta-font-groovy-retro-serif-family-97DFMTP/preview

Losta Masta has the fun-loving and entertainment serif family of fonts. It is a distinct and adaptable serif family font. It comes with a set of 40+ ligatures that you can also be use with 100+ alternates to get the curve and attractive shapes within a matter of seconds. You can also play with the ornaments to create a stunning display of the fonts. 

You can use the font in magazines, postcards, vintage style fonts, classic look fonts, wedding projects, and much more. 

You must use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to access the font set.

To access the alternate set of fonts you must simply copy and paste the glyph in the pdf alternates character map into your selected software.

This font set supports the Western/Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, and Romanian languages.


25. Hornbill

Hornbill. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Hornbill is a soft serif font set that gets insights from the 70s retro styles font. This font set gives a clean and multifaceted letterform that does not appear appealing alone but is simple to read. This font set consists of 18 styles from thin to black with a matching set of italics.


26. Vintage King

Vintage King
Vintage King. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Vintage king takes inspiration from the nostalgic typography and lettering style of the 1970s and 1980s that depicts the bold type set. It is a perfect vintage-style font for t-shirts, logos, branding, packaging, and book covers. 

This font set comes with the Opentype feature with alternates for good lettering. The features include uppercase and lowercase letters, alternates, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It comes with multilingual support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which font set takes you to the golden good old days?

Almost all the font styles depicted above are vintage-style fonts, the font set Kehlin Vintage Casual Font takes you to the days of the 1970s in particular.

Which font set looks like the one that can be used in newspapers?

Recoleta comes with a set of 14 fonts that can be used in newspapers and magazines.

What is the meaning of groovy designs font?

The 1970s font era remains to be the best definitive moment in pop culture and the creative space as well. A font that gives you a nostalgic effect of the 1970s is called a Groovy Design Font.



20+ Best 1970s Fonts for Groovy Designs

All in all, the 20+ best 70s fonts are all made to help you improve and achieve designs that bring back retro energy and timeless classic aesthetics.

Whether for personal designs or professional endeavors, these fonts are guaranteed to help you create a cohesive narrative, communicative to whoever your market is. All things considered, we hope our picks helped you streamline your search.

Keep artsy and stay creative!

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