20+ Best Neon Fonts for Glowing Designs

20+ Best Neon Fonts for Glowing Designs

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Are you in the market for the best neon fonts? If you are, this feature is sure to help you streamline your search!

Most popular during the early 90s, neon signs make for captivating signages because of their bright glow. From diners to barbershops and cinemas to boutiques, almost any establishment can benefit from how charming neon designs are.

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To entrepreneurs, neon lights are a symbol of new beginnings and stellar branding strategies. To graphic designers and creatives, on the other hand, neon signs can be a unique way to send a message across.

Whatever your purpose is, maximizing neon solutions is a surefire way to stay creative and grab people’s attention.

All that mentioned, here are the 20+ best neon fonts available online today!

20+ Best Neon Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

  1. Neoncity – Signature Neon Font
  2. Neonblitz – Retro Neon
  3. Retro Neon Font – Square Style
  4. Macchiato Font
  5. Lumaneon – Retro Neon Sign Sans Serif Font
  6. Shock Block: An Electrifying Neon Horror Font
  8. Axeon – Futuristic Typeface DR
  9. Neon Ballroom
  10. Avaneonz – Neon Font
  11. Neon Desmon – Neon Light Font
  12. Neon Planet – Display Font Duo
  13. Neonisans Monoline
  14. Good Vibes – Modern Neon Display Font
  15. Carlantans – Elegant Signature Font
  16. 7even SVG – Urban Neon Font Pack
  17. The Ultimate Neon Kit
  18. Sidecar
  19. Neon Alphabet Kit
  20. Glow: Neon Lettering Text Effect


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Envato Neon Fonts

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20+ Best Neon Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

Neoncity – Signature Neon Font

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Neoncity - Signature Neon Font

Neoncity is a bold and fresh display font with a vintage feel. Inspired by the roaring ’80s, this pick is sure to add a flashy look to any design project. its clean and elegantly curved and folded lines make it fantastic for a plethora of projects too! From marketing materials to publication efforts, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Neonblitz – Retro Neon

Neonblitz - Retro Neon

If you’re looking for a unique letterform that’s both a retro and neon visual aid, you’re going to like Neonblitz. Packed with just the right amount of sharp and curved sides, this bright glow of font will help you improve any design project, whether virtual marketing material or not!


Retro Neon Font – Square Style

Retro Neon Font - Square Style

Retro Neon is arguably one of the most preferred retro fonts today simply because it’s a familiar sight. Fresh, cool, and friendly, this Envato find is easy to read, making it a great addition to any design project that calls for good energy.



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Macchiato Font is a display font that’s just as pretty as it is legible. A great combination of formal and cool, this bright visual solution banks on its reserved corners and elegant curves.


Lumaneon – Retro Neon Sign Sans Serif Font


Straightforward with no unnecessary drama, whatsoever, Lumaneon is a captivating neon font pack that sports only capital letters. Designed primarily for establishment signages, this contender will feel just as warm on social media art cards and physical marketing materials. The choice is yours!


Shock Block: An Electrifying Neon Horror Font

Shock Block- An Electrifying Neon Horror Font

Not all neon font sets have to be formal. Take Shock Block, for example. Suitable for comic book and cartoon-driven design projects, this pick is arguably one of the most captivating selections just yet. It’s fun, playful, and packs a whole lot of personality!




Enlighten is reminiscent of theater signages you’d see around New York’s broadway strip. Consisting of all capital letters, this font pack is sure to dazzle your designs. Referred to as a bouncing sans serif, this contender is a marketing visual solution you can use for virtually anything you need to!


Axeon – Futuristic Typeface DR

Axeon - Futuristic Typeface DR

Are futuristic typefaces your thing? If they are, try Envato’s Axeon. Also a neon font, this find’s arcs is what makes it a stellar pick. Sporting double, unfinished lines, there’s a lot you can create with a distinct font pack such as this.


Neon Ballroom

Neon Ballroom

Neon Ballroom is most probably one of the flashiest options among the bunch. Rounded and bubble-like, this futuristic neon font option is a terrific choice for a ton of projects. Indicative of rave parties and disco nights out, this one’s a visual solution that may or may not push you to dance.


Avaneonz – Neon Font

Avaneonz - Neon Font

One of the more straightforward fonts on the list is Avaneonz. Featuring straight and double lines, this find is legible, bright, and will complement almost any theme you need it to. Use it for marketing promos, social media updates, and future-themed designs! There’s a lot you can play with here.


Neon Desmon – Neon Light Font

Neon Desmon - Neon Light Font

Another straightforward option here is Neon Desmon. Sporting nothing else than straight lines and reserved curves where applicable, this pick is a beautiful option for social media art cards and beyond!


Neon Planet – Display Font Duo

Neon Planet - Display Font Duo

If what your design project calls for is a font duo, perhaps Neon Planet will do the job for you. A familiar look to a lot of creatives, this one is easy to adjust to whatever your designs need. Sporting hints of sci-fi and playfulness, you’re sure to have fun with this one.


Neonisans Monoline with neon effect

Neonisans Monoline with neon effect

Monolines make for enamoring font solutions because of their intricate-looking lines. That said, if this is an aesthetic you deem best for your projects, you’re going to like Neonisans Monoline. It’s elegant, modern, and innately captivating. What more can you ask for?


Good Vibes – Modern Neon Display Font

Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font

Good Vibes is a pick that’s bound to make any design feel young, fresh, and relevant. Sporting uneven lines and a thick structure, this Envato gem is arguably perfect for more than your fair share of virtual marketing themes.


Carlantans – Elegant Signature Font

Carlantans - Elegant Signature Font

Signature fonts have always been pretty. But what happens when you turn them into retro and neon fonts too? Perfect for elegant branding initiatives, Carlantans is sure to help you step up your design game. A message in itself, this pick is classy, bright, and a darling to look at!


7even SVG – Urban Neon Font Pack

7even SVG

If you’re looking for a font pack with a little more variety, Design Cuts’ 7even has 5 stellar neon fonts you can choose from. Reminiscent of neon signages you see at nightclubs, these picks feel fresh, modern, and relatable to younger audiences.


The Ultimate Neon Kit

The Ultimate Neon Kit

Another fantastic Design Cuts find that offers you choices is The Ultimate Neon Kit. Also packed with textured backgrounds, layer styles, hardware elements, and a whole lot of aesthetic must-haves, this contender packs with it 2 neon fonts you can use to optimize your design projects—one regular-lined font and the other, double.




Sidecar is a sophisticated script font that naturally exudes radiant energy. Packed with OpenType alternates, this pick helps keep contextual alternates on for smooth flow or allows you to effortlessly try swash and titling alternates for flashier letters.


Neon Alphabet Kit

Neon Alphabet Kit

One of the more hyperrealistic font options on the list is Neon Alphabet Kit. Featuring uppercase letters and basic punctuation marks, this Design Cuts gem is perfect for both online and offline marketing materials. Users will also have the option to choose if they want the “on” version of the font where a bright glow is evident or if they want to keep it as is.


Glow: Neon Lettering Text Effect

Glow- Neon Lettering Text Effect

Like straight out of a Pixar movie, Glow radiates a futuristic aesthetic, making it perfect for neon and cyberpunk-themed projects. reminiscent of digitized worlds and holograms, this font pack is arguably one of the more remarkable ones from its contemporaries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are neon fonts?

Neon fonts are typically any font or typeface create to replicate neon signage. These neon fonts can be particularly useful on branding when it comes to creating designs that attract attention immediately.

What are the best neon fonts overall?

Neoncity, Neonblitz, Neon Ballroom and 7even SVG are some of the best neon fonts overall. These neon fonts have qualities that demand attention and look good on a variety of designs.

What are the best neon fonts for displays and signage?

When it comes to signage the best neon fonts include Neonblitz, Neon Ballroom. The neon fonts work well when put large billboards, signs and posters.

What are the best neon fonts for a comic book aesthetic?

Although more of a niche font, the Shock Block is an electrifying neon font that works well on comic book aesthetic.

What is the flashiest neon font for use in video branding?

Neon Ballroom is the most flashy neon font this list. After this, Good Vibe is another great option for designers to work with.


More Top Fonts


20+ Best Neon Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

All in all, the 20+ best neon fonts are all designed to help you improve and communicate your brand message to the best of your abilities. Whether for marketing purposes or branding initiatives, we hope that our roundup of the most loved neon fonts helped streamline your search!

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