5 Dreadful Digital Habits & Ways to Overcome Them

5 Dreadful Digital Habits & Ways to Overcome Them

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As the number of devices, gadgets and widgets we have at our disposal increases, so do the dreadful digital habits that follow.

From being constantly hooked up to 24 hour news and social media updates to abandoning work to play addictive games – people can switch from healthy, offline humans to becoming a walking-workaholic-zombie at the flick of an app.

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Of course, this is just the extreme. The internet is full of good things too – but they’re not habits that we need to address. From obsessive gaming to simply bad email etiquette, digital bad habits cover a broad spectrum, as the infographic below sums ups.

Are you guilty of checking your phone while in the company of another? What about wasting time on Facebook? (See Facebook SEO tips here) Or simply being careless with your sensitive data?

When it comes to beating those bad digital habits it all comes down to understanding. The issues being we don’t realise when we’re ignoring a loved one, or bothering colleagues out of hours with late night emails.

This infographic will help you on your way to putting down social media or the hot new game and doing something more productive. You can still use tech – just make sure you don’t pick up any new bad digital habits along the way.

5 Bad Digital Habits and How to Stop Them

Thanks to Study Web for the infographic.

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15 thoughts on “5 Dreadful Digital Habits & Ways to Overcome Them”

  1. Ok, stop. I’ve got all above five habits. Well I got a bit better with the fifth habit, the backing up stuff. Otherwise, it seems this is written about me personally 🙂

    I’ve got to change my life.

  2. Thanks for highlighting 5 bad habits, # 5 is the one I receive most of calls from friends
    I keep telling them best possible ways but guess what no one listen

  3. I’ve found my happiness level to be directly correlated with my Facebook usage – the less I’m on it, the happier I am! Once you realize there’s almost nothing on there worth seeing, it’s easy to give it up.

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