Winner of the 2014 Newcastle Young Alumni Award

Winner of the 2014 Newcastle Young Alumni Award

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I am extremely humbled to announce that I was selected as the winner of the 2014 Newcastle Young Alumni Award which is a true honor, especially considering the calibre of the other nominees and finalists coming from the fields of medicine, engineering, biochemistry and more. There are a few snaps below and more found on Facebook.

The University of Newcastle 39th Annual Alumni Awards recognises “innovation, creativity, exceptional leadership and those who inspire others through their local, national and international achievements.”

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There are 8 separate categories under the Alumni Awards and all of them “celebrate gamechangers – the unconventional thinkers, the challengers, the people who push boundaries and see possibilities”.

The Young Alumni Award in particular recognises “outstanding professional achievements and contributions by a graduate aged 35 years or younger at the time of nomination” in which I was the final recipient. Hooray!

Jacob Cass Newcastle Young Alumni Award Winner
Being presented the award.
Newcastle Town Hall Alumni Awards Event
Newcastle Town Hall, where the ceremony was held.
The Audience
The audience enjoying their meals.
The program & theme for the evening. "Gamechangers"
The program & theme for the evening. "Gamechangers"
My bio within the program.
The bio they wrote for the program.
All The Newcastle Alumni Award Winners
All the Newcastle Alumni Award winners.
Acceptance Speech
Doing my acceptance speech.
The award certificate, program and award.
The award certificate, program and award.

Thanks to Murray McKean for the photos and of course The University of Newcastle!

12 thoughts on “Winner of the 2014 Newcastle Young Alumni Award”

  1. Congrats bro….you deserve it…You are an inspiration to me and i hope i will be like you someday. You are my role model. Once again, CONGRATS BRO…

  2. Just came across your website and blog, and thought it would be rude in not congratulating you on your super win! especially before posting on another post. Well done, and you have a super duper website too, many things to learn here 🙂

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