10 Best Manga & Anime Brushes for Procreate

10 Best Manga & Anime Brushes for Procreate

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Originating in Japan during the late 19th century, the term manga refers to both comics and cartooning. Since the 1950s, manga has become an increasingly important part of not only Japanese culture but the world as a whole as manga has increased in popularity over the years.

Mange art is typically characterized by the character’s appearance with large eyes, small mouths, and abnormal hair colors. These can give the characters a “western” appeal. However, manga artwork has influenced artists of today. Prime examples of this include comic book artists Ed McGuiness and Frank Miller.

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With this assimilation of Japanese culture around the world, we thought putting a focus on the best Procreate brushes for Manga would give you the tools to create a Manga masterpiece of your own!

We feature the best Procreate brushes using Ink, paint, line art, cartooning, anime brushes, pens and more.

10 Best Manga, Anime, Cartooning & Comic Brushes & Pens for Procreate (Free & Premium)

More Top Procreate Brush Compilations

Free Procreate Course – Learn Procreate

Free Procreate Course

This is the ultimate beginner’s course for creating beautiful Procreate 5X artwork and the best part is that you can get free access to this course for 4 weeks with Skillshare as well as thousands more classes as part of their 4 week free trial of Skillshare Premium.


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10 Best Procreate Brushes for Manga Anime Illustrations & Drawing

Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime (Editor’s Choice)

Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime

Create by Delightful Design, the Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime kit collects all the tools you’ll need to create manga or even create anime characters of your own. With more than 15 brushes including custom brushes designed to create the exact manga style, you can be on your way to creating the next big manga hit. The kit also includes detailed instructions and unlimited one-on-one support if you ever have an issue. Includes:

  • 8 custom brushes, designed to create the exact manga style
  • 4 half-tone brushes and 4 G-pen brushes
  • 4 anime color palettes
  • Detailed installation instructions


Manga Comic Maker Toolkit (Editor’s Choice)

Manga Comic Book Maker Toolkit

Manga Comic Book Maker Toolkit Brushes

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The Manga Comic Toolkit (also available in Japanese) is everything you need to create dynamic, awe-inspiring comic art and stories! The Manga Maker Toolkit will increase your productivity, improve your work and you’ll have a blast creating the most spectacular comic book art and stories imaginable! It includes:

  • 7 Caption Boxes
  • 100 Word Balloons & Bursts
  • 30 Photoshop Brushes
  • 30 Clip Studio Paint Brushes
  • 4 Character Design Templates
  • 10 Original Fonts
  • 25 Screen Tones
  • 10 Page Templates (American, Manga & Magazine Sizes)
  • 20 American Panel Templates
  • 20 Manga Panel Templates
  • 2 Script Templates
  • 32 Sound Effects
  • 20 Speedline Effects
  • 5 Storytelling Guides



Master Manga Paint Procreate Brush

Master manga paint procreate brush

Designed by Mesianumi, the Master manga paint procreate brush provides you with more than 20 brushes that you can use to create the manga art that you’ve always envisioned. While designed to help you create incredible pieces of manga art, the brushes are so versatile that they can be used for any number of projects that you may currently be working on even sketching or painting.


Line Art Brush Set for Procreate

Line Art Brush Set for Procreate

Created as a go-to collection of brushes for creating line art, the Line Art Brush Set for Procreate by Milomonster provides you with a set of brushes that have been designed to give you the smoothest line possible. Packed with 7 brushes that cover options such as a smooth line brush, a jitter line brush, a grime brush, and a “bring da noise” brush, any of the options in this set will give you the tools you need to make your art the best it can be.


30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes

30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes

With more than 30 brushes, the 30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes set from Georg’s Procreate Brushes comes with everything you’ll need to create professional manga or East Asian drawings. Recently updated by the designer, the set includes custom brushes such as the g-pen, the kabura, and many more. All have been created to give you the most authentic experience possible when using them in the Procreate app.


Manga portrait procreate brush

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Manga portrait procreate brush

Creating a portrait can be an agonizing process, no matter the medium you’re using. With the Manga portrait procreate brush from Meisanmui, that process just got a lot easier. The kit includes three premade character faces to help reduce the time spent drawing your character. The kit also includes 17 curated face brushes plus 10 free cloth ornamental brushes that you can use to add flair to your designs.


Manga ornament iPad procreate brush

Manga ornament ipad procreate brush

Containing 15 custom, hand-drawn brushes, the Manga portrait procreate brush set by Meisanmui is ready to use from the moment you install it. Built specifically for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, the set provides a natural-looking result for every piece of art you create. Plus, as a bonus, the designer provides you with free updates to the set for life. Not a bad deal if you’re looking to create authentic manga art.


Ultimate manga bundle procreate

Ultimate manga bundle procreate

Another great set from Meisanmui, the Ultimate manga bundle procreate brush set comes with 15 brushes, all designed to make creating manga art on the Procreate app as easy as possible. Each brush can give your artwork a natural look that you cannot get anywhere else. From characters to backgrounds, the Ultimate manga bundle Procreate set will have you creating professional manga in no time.


Procreate Ink brushes

Procreate Ink brushes , set of 36

Created from real China ink samples, each of the 36 brushes in the Procreate Ink brushes kit from MiksKS have been designed to provide as realistic a result as possible. With any of the included brushes, you can add depth or fine detail to any of your manga art. Broken down into three categories – regular brushes for ink sketches, ink washes, and ink stains stamps. Also included in the set are 5 paper textures that you can use as a background. While not traditionally designed for manga art, the amount of detail that has been put into each brush can help any creation you work on.


Manga floral procreate brush kit

Manga floral procreate brush kit

A traditional manga artist in Japan is known as a mangaka but you don’t need to be one to use the Manga floral procreate brush kit from Meisanmui. Containing 12 hand-made floral brushes, the kit helps you create incredibly beautiful floral designs that can add a sense of beauty and mystery to any project. With these natural-looking brushes, you also receive free updates from the designer for life which will last longer than any real-life flower ever will.


Ink and paint Procreate brushes

Ink and paint Procreate brushes

Another great set from MiksKS, the Ink and paint Procreate brushes is a collection of 12 hand-made ink and paintbrushes that you can use for any type of project, including manga. These brushes include two ink pen brushes, an acrylic paintbrush, a fine liner ink pen that you can use for detail work, plus three textured ink brushes – sprayed ink brush, textured ink wash, and messy halftone. Any of the included brushes are perfect to add that extra something to your manga art and make it stand out.


Manga sketch procreate brush

Manga sketch procreate brush

One last great set from Meisanmui, the Manga sketch procreate brush set provides you with 14 brushes, each of which is custom and hand-made to provide you the best quality available. With the kits sketching brushes, you can quickly and easily make rough sketches for projects your working on or even just use the brushes to doodle while wasting time during your day. The versatility of the brushes is what makes them stand out and with free brush updates for life, how can you go wrong?


Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes ($24)

Lichtenstein. Image credit: Design Cuts

The Lichtenstein Procreate brush is specially designed for graphic novels, manga, and anime artwork. So for those looking for a procreate brush perfect for manga artwork, Lichtenstein’s procreate brush kit is an excellent option to pick. 

This Procreate kit comprises brushes that help add depth to visual stories. Besides this, you can also customize the colors the way you want. This procreate brush is ideal for manga, anime, pop art, comics, graphic novels, and Japanese-style animations and illustrations.


The Ultimate Brush Toolkit (300+ Brushes for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity) – $39

Ultimate Brush Toolbox for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator & Affinity

Looking for the ultimate deal on brushes? With the Ultimate Brush Toolbox you get 300 brushes which are compatible for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer (so 1500 brushes total). And it’s just $39. Damn!

  • 300 Real Media Brushes for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity.
  • 38 Acrylic Brushes – Sampled from real acrylic paint.
  • 16 Airbrushes – Sampled from actual airbrush sprays and splatters.
  • 16 Charcoal Brushes – Made from real charcoal marks and strokes.
  • 22 Crayon Brushes – Created from old waxy crayons.
  • 30 Gouache Brushes – Made from real gouache paint strokes and washes.
  • 24 Ink Brushes – Sampled from a variety of tech, ballpoints and brush pens.
  • 18 Marker Brushes – Created from real broad and brush tip alcohol markers.
  • 40 Oil Brushes – Made from real oil paint smears, strokes and textures.
  • 30 Pastel Brushes – Crafted from real pastel dry strokes, dust and all.
  • 20 Pencil Brushes – Created from various types of pencils and graphite sticks.
  • 34 Watercolor Brushes – Made from real watercolor strokes, washes and stains.
  • 12 Texture Brushes – Created from actual canvases, papers and wood panels.
  • 12 Surface Texture .JPG – Includes even more papers, canvas, ink washes and more!

File Types Included: .ABR, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .BRUSHSET, .AFBRUSHES


Frequently Asked Questions

Which software does a manga artist use to draw digitally?

Manga artists use PaintTool SAI and Corel Painter for editing and formatting. They also use Clip Studio Paint for drawing, layering, and paneling. They can also draw using Photoshop. As most artists would agree, drawing can be way easier when done on a drawing tablet.


10 Best Anime & Manga Brushes for Procreate

Manga has long been a beloved art form by the great people of Japan. With it crossing international borders and becoming more popular every day, the rise of manga art is exciting. We hope our list of the best Procreate brushes for manga inspires you to give this exciting medium a try. Who knows? You might just create the next big thing.

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