20+ Best Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design (August Update)

20+ Best Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design (August Update)

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As a designer, you are probably looking for the best stencil fonts to grab the ATTENTION of your client or their customers and these unique fonts are the perfect choice for this vision.

Stencil fonts are made as if the strokes were broken while drawing and it makes them look like sliced letters. These fonts are usually used on industrial designs, engineering-related projects, fashion, video gaming, logo design and branding in general. The diversity in this style is what makes it stand out.

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Stencil fonts can be minimal but can also be perfect to make bold statements. Stencils fonts have different style slits in their strokes which make them look pleasing. These fonts are great for both traditional and digital usage in illustrations.

Following are the top 20 best stencil fonts, perfect for branding, graphic design & logo design.

20+ Best Stencil Fonts for Design

  1. Magnies – Minimal Stencil Serif Font
  2. Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Stencil Font Family
  3. Leophard Stencil Font Family
  4. Bronzier Stencil Font Family
  5. Davoa – Elegant Stencyl Typeface
  6. The Old Navy Stencil Font
  7. Quizles – Stencil Serif Font
  8. Poligon – Military Font
  9. Chaser Stencil Font
  10. Gabriela Stencil
  11. Acherus Militant Military Stencil Font
  12. Brocades – Crafted Stencil Font
  13. CS Gordon Stencil Font Family and Extras
  14. Lerum Stencil Font
  15. Brownie Stencil – Slab Serif Stencil Font
  16. Loccomotive Stencil Font
  17. Quas Stencil
  18. Mind the Gap Stencil Font
  19. Hand stencil
  20. Maroque Stencil
  21. Vlox Spray
  22. Leatherhand Stencil
  23. Towards 
  24. Towards – Minimalis Stencil
  25. Grow Bones
  26. Losta Parca
  27. Northas – Vintage Stencil
  28. Revista Font Family
  29. South Epic Dream Font with Duo Logos

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The Top 20+ Stencil Fonts for Designers

1. Magnies – Minimal Stencil Serif Font

Magnies. Image credit: Design Cuts

Magnies font has been designed with high contrast strokes to make it look like a minimalist font. The strokes have been cut with a thin line to give it a smooth look. It has more than a hundred alternative characters. You can design multiple looks of the same word with this best stencil font. This stencil font is best used to create brand logos, fashion and introduce new product lines.


2. Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Stencil Font Family

Beautiful Minds
Beautiful Minds. Image credit: Design Cuts

Beautiful Minds is a family font that includes the best stencil font that gives an elegant and chic look to your brand. It includes various fonts and extra stuff like 50 design elements. The fonts included in the family are script, serif, and stencil. Just as the name suggests, these three fonts can be mixed and create the perfect look for your brand, blogs, and weddings.

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3. Leophard Stencil Font Family

Leophard Font Family
Leophard Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

Leophard Font Family is a versatile font family that includes Bold, Inline, Stencil, Outline, Regular, and Shadow. The designs have been inspired by modern vintage. You will also find a minimalist touch to these styles. This excellent font family will make your words stand out. It has the best stencil font that is great to create a sporty look on the shirts as well as a great font to be used in events and even ads!


4. Bronzier Font Family

Bronzier Font Family
Bronzier Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

Bronzier font family outstanding font family is based on the old school typography and gives your writing a bold and strong look. You will also see that this family has a touch of modern vintage. The 8 fonts included are medium, bold, rusty, italic, stencil, emboss, outline and shadow. This best stencil font can be used for posters and apparel.


5. Davoa – Elegant Stencyl Typeface

Davoa. Image credit: Design Cuts

Davoa is one of the best stencil fonts that gives a graceful and refined look to your titles, covers, packaging, etc. It can be used with multiple fonts. It includes Regular and Alt. You will find alternatives for both uppercase (H and A) and lowercase (f and t) alphabets. Davao will create an unforgettable design for you. You can provide an elegant look for your brand.


6. The Old Navy Stencil Style Font

The Old Navy
The Old Navy. Image credit: Design Cuts

Just as the name says, The Old Navy narrow stencil typeface is inspired by the military and the navy. The set not only includes all alphabets but also includes symbols and punctuations. If you are creating logos or designs which are related to the military then this is the perfect stencil font for you to use. The spots in the font give the typeface a vintage look.


7. Quizles – Stencil Serif Font

Quizles. Image credit: Design Cuts

Quizles stencil font is a typeface of serif which is gracefully used in contrast. You will find that this type of font has bold proportions and as the lines become thin, they look like they have faded away. This font is best used to create titles, advertisements, and even clothes. Quizles being one of the best stencil fonts will give an elegant look to your entire business.


8. Poligon – Military Stencil Font

Poligon – Military Stencil Font
Poligon. Image credit: Design Cuts

Poligon is a font family which is based on military-wide specialization. This family includes 6 styles which are regular, rough, printed, stencil, stencil rough, and stencil printed. This family font will be an excellent option when you need to write your projects based on the military. You can even use this best stencil font for the titles as well as print this font on the clothes.

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9. Chaser Stencil Font

Chaser Stencil Font
Chaser. Image credit: Design Cuts

Chaser stencil font is based on the two styles which are military and aviation. Chaser includes clean, rough, printed, and also some extras. You can also see spots in the style which gives your lettering a vintage look. You will also get punctuations and symbols, unlike other best stencil fonts.


10. Gabriela Stencil

Gabriela Stencil
Gabriela Stencil. Image credit: Design Cuts

Gabriela Stencil is one of the neatest and stunning best stencil font families inspired by Didone typefaces. You can create excellent designs by mixing 6 styles. This font family has been designed by Antonio Mejia Lechuga. This font being readable, is perfect for the use of headings and titles. It includes 433 characters and supports more than 200 languages.


11. Acherus Militant Font

Acherus Militant
Acherus Militant. Image credit: Design Cuts

Acherus Militant is a stencil font which is a version of another font known as Acherus Grotesque (based on geometric forms). This best stencil font has three different styles. This font is used for titles, headings and to grab attention quickly for introductory products.


12. Brocades – Crafted Font

Brocades. Image credit: Design Cuts

Brocades are a stencil typeface collection that has been inspired by vintage themes. This collection includes 3 types of font which are monoline script, sans serif stencil, and serif stencil. All of the fonts have 4 styles within them. This being one of the best stencil fonts is used to create logos and badges. However, it can also be used to create titles.


13. CS Gordon Font Family and Extras

CS Gordon Font Family and Extras
CS Gordon Font Family and Extras. Image credit: Design Cuts

Gordon is a family font that has 9 font styles included in it. The characters are unique and will make your work absolutely amazing. You can combine multiple font styles within this font family without the need of buying another font style. This font family has the best stencil font that has a modern and elegant look. You can use this font family for various purposes.


14. Lerum Stencil Font

Lerum Stencil Font
Lerum. Image credit: Design Cuts

Lerum, one of the best stencil fonts, is perfect for creating graceful and sleek headlines. It works well with other font styles. You can create ordinary titles, extraordinary with the usage of Lerum. Due to its easy usage, it is among the most used Elegant stencil fonts.


15. Brownie Stencil – Slab Serif Stencil Font

Brownie Stencil
Brownie Stencil. Image credit: Envato Elements

Brownie Stencil font is a slab serif which is a magnificent font ready to enhance your DIY crafts, invitations, and advertisements. You will find uppercase and lowercase two versions in this best stencil font. This funky font works well for branding purposes. You will also get numbers, symbols, and punctuations in this best stencil font.


16. Loccomotive Stencil Font

Loccomotive. Image credit: Envato Elements

This best stencil font, Locomotive, is the best font to express your words. This vintage font gives an elegant look to your versatile designs. You can create incredible logos, titles and print them on clothes.


17. Quas Stencil

Quas Stencil. Image credit: Envato Elements

Quas is one of the best stencil fonts and minimalistic fonts. It gives an elegant look to your branding needs. You can use it with various font styles to make the stencil font stand out. Use it in logos and in advertisements to catch the attention of your target market immediately.


18. Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap. Image credit: Envato Elements

Mind The Gap is a stencil font that is crafted with hand-cutting letters. These characters have been sprayed with black paint giving an industrial and military vibe. You can find alternatives for all the alphabets. You will also find one more alternative for selective alphabets for upper and lowercase. This font is one of the best stencil fonts which you can use for your projects.


19. Hand Stencil

Hand Stencil
Hand Stencil. Image credit: Envato Elements

Just as the name indicates Hand Stencil is hand-lettered sans. This is perfect for brands and designers looking for the stencil font in handwritten-text style. Being one of the best stencil fonts, this is an excellent font to be used for book covers, mugs, quotations, and t-shirts.


20. Maroque Stencil

Maroque. Image credit: Envato Elements

This Maroque Stencil style is different from all the other stencil fonts because it is based on decorative designs which are geometric in shape. This best stencil font is inspired by the Moroccan culture patterns. Maroque stencil font is an excellent choice where you want to give Eastern look to your brand, clothes, or title.


21. Vlox Spray

Vlox Spray - Hand Drawn Typeface
Vlox Spray. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to Stencil fonts with a more vibrant and exciting design, Vlox Spray is a great pick. This natural stroke typeface is superb when it comes to graffiti letter stencils that add more personality.

This spray paint stencil font is perfect for posters, t-shirts, branding, and any other design requirement that might come your way. Given it’s unique natural feel this one is the best graffiti letter stencil font on our list.

22. Leatherhand Stencil

Leatherhand Stencil Font.
Leatherhand Stencil. Image credit: Envato Elements

This fancy printable stencil typeface has a handwritten or cursive font feel to it that can be great for fanciful projects that require a more handmade or authentic touch. Leatherhand is a more old-fashioned typeface that can be just the right fit for more rustic yet classy branding requirements.

Other than this, it has a more cursive stencil font feel to it and it can be perfect for t-shirts, events and any other creative projects that might come your way.

23. Towards – Minimalist Stencil

Towards - Minimilist Stencil Font
Towards. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to cool stencils, Towards is a great minimalist option. Unlike many of the more traditional stencil typefaces on this list, this minimalist font adds a lighter more modern touch to any creative requirement it’s added on.

With thin strokes and measured, circular curves, this minimalist stencil typeface is one the best out there for more modern branding. Other than this, use it for expos, posters, banners, and several other design formats that might come your way.

24. Towards – Minimalis Stencil

Towards - Minimalis Stencil
Towards – Minimalis Stencil. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Towards Minimalis Stencil is designed simple but classy.  It is good for combining your design work with a clear line and a circle with several different weights. It includes symbols, punctuation, and unique alternative letters. 

It is ideal for logos & branding, photography, invitation, watermark, advertisements, product designs, stationery, wedding designs, label, and product packaging.


25. Grow Bones

Grow Bones
Grow Bones. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Grow Bones typeface font comes with a serif font concept that has a sporty display stencil style. The dynamic shapes of the font are regular which helps the font differentiate from each other and helps steal attention. These typeface fonts are easy to apply to any design, especially those with a sporty, modern, and strong style and are easy to use in both design and non-design programs. 


26. Losta Parca

Losta Parka
Losta Parka. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The Parca Ornamental Stencil family is a unique and fashionable stencil font with many alternative characters and ligatures. The font gives you a sturdy and muscular look that matches with softly curved alternates for the balance of form and shape. This font features the nine weights from thin to black, 120+ alternate characters, and ligatures. 

You may access the alternate option of the font type using Adobe Photoshop – glyphs, Adobe Illustrator – glyphs, Other programs such as Canva, Cricut Design Space, etc., and open font book (Mac).

The font types are compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 (and higher), Adobe InDesign CS3 (and higher), Adobe Photoshop CS3 (and higher), Affinity, Corel Draw, and Procreate.


27. Northas – Vintage Stencil

Northash. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Northash is a vintage-style stencil font that looks like the old-school signage and military design. The compressed letterform of these fonts gives them a sturdy and respectable look. You can use these fonts for many themes such as military, wildlife, vintage, urban, and more.

This font includes upper and lower-case letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, accented characters, and stylistic alternates.


28. Revista Font Family

Revista Magazine
Revista Magazine. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Revista is a typographic system that brings all the features of typography. It is capable of undertaking any fashion magazine project. This font easily blends different styles into a single big family consisting of a Didone uppercase and small caps family. It also includes four variants that range from a monolinear thin to black with matching italics. It also has an inline black variant and also works as a decorative alternative to the Didone fonts. 

Revista comes as a script family that includes five different font faces of the same font that ranges from thin to black, which comes as a contrast in a controlled chaos style with many ligatures and alternate fonts and can use various stylistic alternates that can give your designs an untidy look. You can use this style of font in modern calligraphy, which makes it perfect for a hand-written style for your fonts. 

To utilize the font family to the maximum extent possible, you must use the default contextual alternates and discretionary ligatures.


29. South Epic Dream Font with Duo Logos

South Epic Dream Font with Duo Logos
South Epic Dream Font with Duo Logos. Image Credits: Design Cuts

South Epic Dream Font with Duo Logos is a fully decorative serif font that features dreamy items.  Business branding or creating a brand for yourself is easier with this type of font because it gives a decorative effect to your font. But at the same time, they also provide a stencil and sturdy version with a serif font and script font. This font set comes along with 12 editable Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator logo files. 

This typography set includes All OTFs, Serif, and Script fonts. Serif fonts are solid, stencil, and quite decorative. It also comes with an installation help file for PC and Mac machines.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stencil font?

A stencil font is a typeface designed to resemble traditional stencil cut out designs that were used in older forms of print media and signage. Still heavily associated with the military, this type of font can bring something unique to your design when used properly.

What is the best stencil font overall?

Magnies is the best stencil font on our list when it comes to simplicity and an overall classy look. That said, Davoa, Quizles and Lerum Stencil Font make for great alternatives.

What is the best stencil font family for variety?

CS Gordon Font Family and Extras by far has the most value when it comes to variety due to the several typefaces and extras it comes along with.

What is the best military stencil font?

The Old Navy Stencil Style Font and Poligon are the best military stencil fonts on this list. With their overall stiff yet militant attributes, these two fonts are by far the best pick.

What is a great spray paint stencil font?

Vlox Spray is the best spray paint stencil font, presenting a unique and lively spray paint effect that can make it perfect for more out of the box requirements.

What is a good script stencil font?

Leatherhand Stencil is a good script stencil font. Although not completely cursive, this font has a very handwritten feel to it making a great choice for more authentic requirements.

What is the best elegant stencil font?

Davoa, Quizles and Lerum Stencil Font are by far the best fonts on this list when it comes to sophistication and elegance. Even though stencil fonts aren’t immediately associated with class, with the combination of broad and narrow lines with these fonts, they are a great choice.

What are some good fancy printable letter stencil fonts?

Quas Stencil and Lerum Stencil Font make for good fancy printable typefaces. These fonts are both fancy and classy to look at making them an excellent pick for most fancy requirements.


Top 20+ Best Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design

Choosing a stencil font for your projects isn’t as easy as it may first seem. That’s why our list of The Top 20+ Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design is the perfect place for you to choose not only your next stencil font but ones you’ll use in the future as well.

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