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Inner Triangle Group Coaching

The Inner Triangle Group Coaching Mastermind

Inner Triangle Group Coaching

What is the Inner Triangle?

The INNER TRIANGLE group coaching mastermind program will provide you with actionable tips to fuel your growth & creative mind and is for designers & creatives. 

We meet every two weeks (sometimes more) to check in, support & learn from one another on a wide range of topics to help level up your career as a creative. Topics include mindset, freelancing, brand strategy, selling creative services, pricing, proposals, design, time management and much more.

Our sessions are 30-60+ mins and are capped at 12 people.

  • Sessions are held on Wednesday at 19:30 UTC 

Each session has a core focus, some banter and some homework to ensure you’ve put what you learned into action.

What You Get

  • Weekly group calls (30-60+mins)
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching with me (10-20min hot seat)
  • Weekly homework to fuel your creative growth
  • Access to private Slack group
  • Accountability partner calls + support
  • Access to all coaching calls + guest speaker replay videos
  • Clarity, Community & Accountability
  • Inner Triangle™ Official Member Badge
  • BONUS: Guest Speaker Sessions
  • BONUS: Discounts on my 1:1 Coaching
  • BONUS: Promotions on Social Media
  • BONUS: Link to your website (from our 77DR site)
  • BONUS: Access to Exponential Creatives Community 
Three Core Pillars of Inner Triangle

We Promise Clarity, Community & Accountability

We recommend a 3 month commitment but we have no lock-in contracts, so you’re free to pause or cancel your membership at any point.

  • Membership – US$125 / month

For your chance to join the Inner Triangle, you will need to submit an application and fit the criteria below:

To join you need to:

  • Be a creative wanting to level up
  • Commit to turning up as much as possible
  • Submit a 1-3 min video application

If you’re unsure if this is right for you, I offer a free 15 minute chat! Simply email me.

Ready to join us?

For your chance to join the Inner Triangle, please follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Record a 1-3 min video answering below

  • Introduce Yourself (inc name, where you’re from, what you do, etc)
  • What are your biggest goal(s) for being in the group and why this goal?
  • How would you measure your success?
  • Why me?

2. Upload it to your favorite provider (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox). Do not use WeTransfer.

3. Submit your application here including your video link.

Thank you, I look forward to your application!

Number 1 Branding Business Coach - Jacob Cas

Jacob Cass Named “#1 Branding Coach to Follow” by Yahoo!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2020

Yahoo! declares Jacob Cass as the “#1 Branding Coach to Follow in 2020“.

Peek Inside The Inner Triangle

See my coaching style as I deconstruct a student’s sales process for her strategy & branding services.

Peek inside a full 2.5 hour group coaching session including a surprise cameo from Bob Ross.

Listen to a quick testimonial from a member of the Inner Triangle.

Hear how clarity & accountability helped an Inner Triangle member fuel her growth.

Jeremy Mura was the winner of a free coaching hour with Matt Davies & myself. We discuss tactics to help level up his creative business.

Hear how clarity & accountability helped an Inner Triangle member fuel her growth.

Guest Speakers

Ram Castillo

Ram Castillo

Giant Thinkers

Design Director, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker and CreativeLIVE Instructor.

Topic: Getting Shit Done & Growing As a Leader

Melinda Livsey

Melinda Livsey

Marks & Maker

Melinda Livsey is a brand strategist and online educator. She currently helps graphic designers get paid to think by teaching them how to go from being seen as an “order taker” to brand expert.

Topic: Brand Strategy & Pricing

Tom Ross

Tom Ross

Design Cuts

Tom Ross is the CEO and Founder of DesignCuts, a marketplace & community for creatives as well as a podcaster, coach and “honest entrepreneur”.

Topic: Personal Branding & Marketing

Philip VanDusen

Philip VanDusen

Verhaal Brand Design

Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Vlogger, Author.

Topic: Growth & Strategy

Michael Janda

Michael Janda

Michael Janda

Agency veteran, business coach, and author of Burn Your Portfolio. He helps creative freelancers and agencies run their businesses with confidence and make more money.

Topic: Freelancing


Steph Wharton

Matt Essam

Brandon Triola

Konstantinos Kollias

Our Members

A diverse, driven and passionate group of individuals.

Adele Kelly

Maria Trinidad

Mike Albuquerque

Luan Gama

Olivia Valdés

Olivia Valdés

Brittany Alexis

Kris Avilla

Cindy Kershaw

Keith Groshans

Antonio Pinto

Daniel Patterson

Jono Waterworth

Fay Hawkins

Sam Watson

Maru Cruz

Paul Santana

Maria Matloub

Diana Cardenas

Annjela Nelson

Annjela Design

Annjela Nelson

Annjela Design

Bertram Christoffersen

Bertram Christoffersen

Caren Laubscher

Eddie Gonzalez

Eddie Gonzalez

Inner Triangle Guest Speaker Session

Testimonials & Results

I am LOVING loving loving it. The conversation topics are so inspiring and really challenging me to think BIGGER. The people you hand-picked are just superb. Your open-ended questions have been helping me to open up my perspective, and that guest speaker training was AMAZING! It is so wonderful getting insights directly in a small group setting, but the other BEST part, was getting to hear you share all your insights and knowledge as well. Truly so valuable.


Brittney Farber

Branding Boss Mom

This group has been amazing!! For me, it just means the world to have a group of like-minded creatives who can all help each other grow. That’s something I’ve been sorely needing and missing and I feel like we are all friends only after a few weeks! Not to mention having encouragement and advice from Jacob and one another to solve real problems we’re facing in our businesses. I feel confident as an entrepreneur and designer since having joined the group, having been challenged and encouraged to grow beyond what I could have myself! If you’re thinking of applying, do it!!

Amy Kuo

Author Brand Studio

I am feeling more happy and content with myself as I have clarity & I know where I am going. You point us in the right direction, provide us valuable knowledge/insights for our journey. I am so excited & proud for being part of the INNER TRIANGLE.

Valeria VA Creative

Valeria Aristidou

VA Creative

Jacob’s Inner Triangle has been a breath of fresh air during this difficult Covid-19 season. I look forward to each meeting, to chat and learn from Jacob, the IT members and the incredibly talented guest speakers. Whilst this season has been very challenging for my business, Jacob’s coaching and the Inner Triangle’s community has provided some stability, accountability and support, all the whilst continuing to encourage me to be a better designer, strategist and leader. Highly recommended.

Daniel Patterson Highly

Daniel Patterson


This has been a great investment. Getting clarity on the direction to grow, immense amount of knowledge sharing from this wonderful group of creative people. Jacob is excellent at guiding us with insights, advice and encouraging us on developing further in our journey. I leave the sessions energised and feeling I can do this and get closer to my goals. Thank you all in the Inner Triangle.


Shruti Shah


Highly recommend this to anyone looking for focused & super supportive community. This group has it all. Couldn’t be happier!

Adele Kelly

AK Creative

I really love meeting all creatives from all over the world to share our experiences, to improve and raise each other up! I’m so fortunate to be part of this! Getting to discuss my business with Jacob and my peers in the Inner Triangle has taken me to a different place where now I’m moving towards my goal and I don’t feel all alone. Thanks for facilitating this Jacob!


Maria Trinidad


I’m learning so much each week, and I love seeing everyone’s progress! It’s definitely challenging and rewarding, and the coaching calls help guide my focus. Jacob and the group have been a tremendous help as well as everyone’s insights, advice, and resources shared. Jacob has been an awesome coach and always has a great way of asking the right questions to offer a different perspective, or hold you accountable to your goals and taking action. The biggest benefit has been the community, which has been both a huge support and wealth of resources. I am better able to focus my efforts in marketing, branding. I’ve also been able to tackle the mindset shift from being an order taker to becoming an expert.

Kris Avilla

Kris Avilla

Kris Avilla

Jacob has helped me think through growth strategies for my business. His advice has had a tangible impact on what we’re doing. Having his guidance during this challenging period has been invaluable. He is a highly-skilled coach and I would recommend the Inner Triangle for any entrepreneur looking to step up their game!

Mike Mass Appeal Agency

Mike Albuquerque

Mass Appeal

Before joining the Just Creative Inner Triangle coaching group, I was unsure of what steps I needed to take in order to achieve my goals within the branding and design industry and was often confused about which paths would suit me best. I had tried other coaching groups previously, looking for the ‘quick fix’, searching for the answers instead of taking the journey to get there myself. Jacob Cass has a unique and highly effective way of coaching, instead of showing you the answer you want, he instead asks you the questions that enable you to find the answers that you need, plus he is always ready to answer any questions that I have as well, so that if I hit a dead end he can support me. Thank to his guidance, I have now begun my transition from designer to strategist and will be continuing my membership with the Inner Triangle in order to continue to learn and grow.

Scott Bachan

Scotty Creative

Thanks for creating this Jacob! Thankful to hear everyone’s business journey and learn things I didn’t even know I needed to learn! It’s so helpful having accountability each week to push myself and my business to be better.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie Wheeler

I am really enjoying the coaching calls. I have felt much more positive and motivated since I joined the group. Previously I was stumbling around in the dark with my business – now I have a path to follow, which is sometimes challenging, but feels like it is the route to success.


Cindy Kershaw

Cindy Kershaw Design

Jacob and the group made me feel very welcomed and I’m so glad for taking every single action that lead me to be here today. Since joining the group, I have gained an extremely valuable level of clarity (and continue to gain) which is giving me the fuel that I need to take Pixel Ink to the next level and lead the team on the same path.

Luan Pixel Ink

Luan Gama

Pixel Ink

Official Member Badge

All official Inner Triangle Members get a badge to include on their website.

Inner Triangle Badge
Jacob Cass Brand Designer and Strategist

1:1 Coaching with Jacob Cass

Get bespoke & personalised 1-on-1 coaching to fast-track your success

You’re not investing in the time we spend together. You’re crafting your identity & expanding your knowledge that will help you create clients – for the rest of your life. Schedule in your free 15 minute call below to chat over your options.

The Accelerated Creative

Come prepared and maximize your time spent with me in this quick-fire coaching call. 

Your investment:
45mins – $500

The Remarkable Creative

The fast track to success & overcoming obstacles. Includes 4x 45min deep-dive sessions, growth plan with training & homework over 1-3 months.

Your investment: $2500

The Exponential Creative

Grow exponentially with 8x 45min deep-dive sessions, growth plan with training & homework over 3-5 months.

Your investment: $4500

The Prosperous Creative

You will be surprised by how much you can achieve with an intensive 6-9 month sprint. This program includes 15x 45min deep-dive sessions with training.

Your investment: $6500

The Elite Creative

This 12-month program will transform your life and business.

Our work together will be intense – deep, one-on-one coaching that will uncover your hidden blocks and give you the tools you need to succeed. 

This is a behind-the-scenes access to my entire business, as we set up your entire creative business. 

Application and interview required. Details by request.

Your investment: $20,000

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